What is A+ Content?

On a standard Amazon listing, a brand will display the title, bullet points, product photography, and product description to advertise their product. A product description is a great way to give customers some background information about your company, more detailed information about the product itself, and is a useful opportunity to tell your brand story. Normally, the product description is simply a few paragraphs of text with a limit of 2000 characters imposed by Amazon. But with Amazon’s A+ Content, business owners can get super creative with their product descriptions and increase conversions. What is A+ content? Here we’ll go over what the exciting feature is, the benefits that come with it, and how to get it.

What is It?

A+ Content is a premium feature Amazon offers to sellers and vendors to enhance their product descriptions on the product detail page of listings. With a standard Amazon listing, the product description can only consist of text. With A+ Content, sellers can utilize images, infographics, formatted text, and HD quality videos in their product descriptions. Sellers will often display charts and graphs to demonstrate sizing, measurements, or to compare their product to that of  competitors. The premium content provides consumers with a high quality visual to accompany a product listing. The amazon feature offers various design templates sellers can use or the option to design your own custom template. There are many different elements sellers can incorporate into their listings with A+ Content including testimonial videos and an enhanced FAQ section. Amazon even allows sellers to run A/B tests on A+ listings to optimize their listings for increased conversions. Sellers can do this by using the Manage Your Experiments tool.

Brand Reputation

One great benefit of using A+ Content is that it will improve your brand image. A brand that utilizes the feature will appear more professional and aesthetically pleasing. The advanced multimedia content allows brands to tell their stories in a more elaborate and creative way. Brands can be more expressive with more options for content, and thus listings will be better able to portray the look and feel of a brand. A+ Content will help product listings and descriptions actually reflect the brand voice and help customers to better distinguish your brand from others.

Comprehensive Information

A+ Content also allows consumers to gain more information about a product on its listing. While in a standard listing customers can read statistics or data about a product in the product description, for many people it is much more effective to learn with a combination of visual cues. The high-quality images, graphics, video, and text in an A+ product description allow customers to take in more information about a product, while making the listing stand out against competitors. Just ask yourself, would you rather buy a product with a simple text description, or buy one with engaging videos and graphics along with text? Most people would say the latter, which is why, according to Amazon, A+ Content increases sales by an average of 5.6%. This is super helpful for businesses as owners are constantly searching for new ways to increase sales and conversions. A+ Content is a simple way to increase your sales and up your game in the E-commerce world.


Additionally, a distinct feature of the premium content that proves very helpful to consumers is the enhanced FAQ section. The FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section of an A+ Content listing contains an improved layout so consumers can easily find answers to questions and learn more about your product.

Improved customer Experience

One of the best parts of A+ Content is that it improves customer experience. The multimedia content is both engaging and informative for shoppers. The stand-out text and imagery are appealing while the layout of the listing as a whole appears more organized and detailed. A+ Content gives customers everything they need to make a buying decision. Sellers can post infographics, testimonial videos, and high-definition pictures and videos of the product so that consumers are getting various kinds of details about the product all in one place. This makes the customer experience easier and more enjoyable.  

Link to other products

A cool feature of A+ Content is that sellers can display clickable links on their listings to link to their other products. This is a great feature for business owners who want to promote related products on a listing. Linking to other products you sell will create a more holistic brand image and can increase sales and conversions across multiple product pages, not just one.


So who is eligible for A+ Content? Before July of 2019, the enhanced content was exclusively available to vendors, not sellers. But now, all Amazon sellers who are registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry have access to the multimedia content for free. Applying to the brand registry is simple. Sellers will need an active, registered trademark that is displayed on the product or its packaging, and a unique key attribute for each product. This refers to how your products are identified and can be a universal product code (bar code) such as EAN, UPC, or JAN, or a manufacturing part number. According to the 2021 Amazon Small Business Empowerment Report, over 440,000 sellers take advantage of the brand registry. The program is a great way to gain access to exclusive features like A+ Content.

A++ Content

Lastly, an even more elaborate feature available on Amazon is Premium or A++ Content. This feature is currently only available to vendors and comes at a high price. A++ Content is mainly used by major vendors and is an invite-only program. Some available features that come with A++ Content include integrated, high-quality videos up to 3 minutes in length, an interactive user experience using hotspot or carousal modules, and product pages that are voice-friendly and connect with the Alexa system. A++ Content is best for top brands that want to go the extra mile to give their customers a superior user experience.


All in all, A+ Content is a great way for sellers and vendors to promote their products and brand in a creative, engaging way. Having an A+ listing will set you apart from the competition and make your brand more memorable. Now that you know all the ins and outs, you can go set up A+ Content for your listings. Happy selling!