Utilizing Amazon Posts for Your Brand

  • By Dezirae Hughes
  • December 9, 2020
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Amazon recently created a platform that integrates the U.S. Marketplace and Social Media. Creating Amazon Posts can be done by the Brand Owners who have Brand Registry. 

Amazon Explains Why to use Posts:

“Currently in beta, Posts delivers your brand story to relevant shoppers as they browse your categories on Amazon. Shoppers can click through Posts to explore your brand’s feed, and discover product pages directly from your feed. Click through from your brand’s feed to your product pages. Posts appear on the Amazon mobile shopping app (iOS and Android) and on mobile web.”

Where do Amazon Posts Appear? 

  • Product Detail Pages: Posts show on relevant product detail pages, in a carousel above “Customer Questions”.
  • Posts Feed: When a post or one of its product categories is tapped, relevant posts show in a feed.
  • Brand Feed: When the brand logo in a post header is tapped, all of the brand’s posts show in a feed.

What do Amazon Posts look like?

Amazon posts include:

A. Profile banner: Displays the name and logo of the brand.

B. Custom Image: Brand-provided images demonstrate product features and help brands tell their story on Amazon.

C. Product Link: Tapping on the Post will reveal a product card that shows details like price, star rating, and Prime eligibility for the product featured in the Post. It also allows customers to click into the product page and purchase the product.

D. Caption text: Custom captions help brands highlight product features, emphasize branding, and communicate a call to action.

Why Sellers Should Utilize Amazon Posts: 

Increase Brand Visibility:

  • Reach in-market shoppers with imagery highlighting your brand story and values to inspire them to browse your content.

Educate Customers About Your Products: 

  • Use lifestyle imagery to educate shoppers on different ways to use your products and encourage them to discover more of your offerings in your Store.

Because who doesn’t love FREE Brand Exposure: 

  • Posts is an opportunity to share your brand content on Amazon at no cost, as often as you’d like. Posts appear on Amazon in your brand’s feed, on detail pages, in feeds for related products, and in category-based feeds.

Social Media can be one of the most useful ways to promote your products and brand. Now with Amazon Posts, you can use Amazon as a partial Social Media platform and receive followers!

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