The Benefits of Brand registry

A widespread problem with selling on Amazon that business owners constantly face is 3rd-party sellers stealing their information and claiming it as their own through fraudulent product listings and counterfeit products. This not only confuses customers but allows for random sellers to misrepresent your products and sell low quality units under the guise of your brand. One of the best ways to combat false listings and misinformation is through Amazon’s Brand Registry program. Here we’ll go over the ins and outs of brand registry, and why it is a must have for your business.

What is it?

The Amazon Brand Registry is a program Amazon created to help brands better protect themselves on the platform. If you are enrolled in the brand registry it means you are an official brand according to Amazon. This gives sellers the power to report false listings, prevent bad listings from even appearing in the first place, and more. The brand registry provides many useful tools and creates an overall better experience for sellers and consumers.


Anyone can be eligible for the brand registry, but there are a few requirements. To be eligible, brands must have either a pending or an active trademark. The trademark must be either text-based or image-based. Once you have your trademark, you will need to enroll your brand in the brand registry. Enrollment is simple; sellers will need their brand name, trademark registration number (provided by the Intellectual Property office), and a list of product categories their brand should be listed under. Once Amazon verifies your information, you will gain access to the registry.

reporting Tools

The first major benefit of the brand registry is reporting tools. The program provides sellers with tools to report any kind of fraudulent information including trademark, copyright, patent, and design right violations. This means sellers can take control of their brand by searching for and reporting any violations. This helps bad listings get taken down and gives sellers a sense of security over their brand. Reporting violations also further strengthens Amazon’s automated protections, which we will discuss next.

Automated Protections

Automated Protections refer to machine learning technology that scans for and removes bad listings before customers even see them. Amazon uses information you provide about your brand, products, and intellectual property to scan for fraudulent product listings. The software is constantly scanning for false information, so you can feel at ease about your brand’s protection. According to Amazon, over 8 billion listing updates are scanned every day for suspicious activity.

No Cost

Another great benefit of the brand registry is that it is totally free! Once sellers enroll in the program, they gain access to the various tools and features at no extra cost. It’s definitely worth a try!

Advanced Analytics

A great advantage of Amazon’s Brand Registry is that it provides advanced analytics for sellers. With the program, business owners will gain access to useful data and insights including customer search data and buying behavior. This will allow sellers to identify which common search terms customers are typing in, as well as which products are succeeding. Sellers can use this information to further cater their product listings and brand image to their target audience, increasing sales.

Patent Evaluation

Another cool feature of the brand registry is patent evaluations. Amazon provides neutral 3rd-party evaluators to handle patent disputes including whether a utility patent has been infringed upon. The decision of the evaluators will be enforced in the Amazon US store. This can save sellers a lot of time and money and provides an alternative to having to go to a courthouse to settle disputes.

Specialized Features

The Amazon Brand Registry also comes with specialized features to help protect your brand. The Transparency program ensures that all units shipped are authentic. The program works by using unique codes that are linked to individual units. This ensures that only the correct items are shipped to customers, preventing counterfeit shipments.


Another special feature of the brand registry is the Counterfeit Crimes Unit. This program works with brands, law enforcement, and consumers around the world to stop fraudulent third party sellers and hold them accountable. The program was created to pursue criminals and protect the rights of brand owners. This program ensures action is being taken against copyright violators and that justice is received for brand owners. Sellers feel fully protected and taken care of through the Counterfeit Crimes Unit in the brand registry.


For advanced protection against counterfeit listings, sellers can also take advantage of the Project Zero feature of the brand registry. This program gives sellers the ability to remove counterfeit listings themselves without contacting Amazon. This gives business owners more control over their brand and the marketplace, so they can know with certainty that counterfeit listings are being handled.

Registered Brand Programs

The brand registry not only comes with nice features, but also allows sellers to gain access to exclusive programs on the platform. The first program registered brands can utilize is A+ content. A+ content allows sellers to display creative and rich product descriptions with images, graphics, and advanced text options. A+ content gives brands a sense of professionalism and provides engaging content for consumers. To learn more, check out our blog post on A+ content here.


Another program that sellers will gain access to once enrolling in the brand registry is Sponsored Brand Ads. Sponsored Brand Ads allow sellers to engage consumers with custom headlines, videos, and images. Sponsored Brand Ads are a great way to expand your brand and gain new customers on Amazon. The platform provides tons of different options to suit each business owner’s needs.


A third program that sellers can access when they enroll in the brand registry is the Amazon Storefront. The Storefront allow sellers to create a multi-page display for their brand and products. The Storefront is basically a landing page for your brand and allows customers to find you more easily while improving your brand image.


All in all, there are tons of advantages to joining Amazon’s brand registry. The registry comes with various special features and also allows sellers to access exclusive Amazon programs that have their own benefits. The program is becoming increasingly popular with over 700,000 brands currently enrolled according to Amazon. Go ahead and give the brand registry a try and see how it can benefit your brand.