Taking Advantage of Amazon’s Brand Dashboard

  • By Garrett Chappell
  • March 12, 2020
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Leveraging Amazon’s Brand Dashboard is a great way to improve your brand’s SEO and conversion rate. You’ll find the Brand Dashboard under the Performance tab on your Seller Central page (available for US accounts with brand registry only). If you don’t see Brand Dashboard available and you have brand registry, you can message Brand Registry Support to gain access to this feature. Once you have access make sure you have “view” selected in your User Permissions under the Report Column.

My favorite feature is the “Search Terms Optimization” tool under Traffic Recommendations. This feature will tell you which products have underutilized search terms, and what keywords you can discard because they repeat in your listing (title, bullets, description etc…). This is a quick and efficient way to go through your listings and squeeze in extra keywords associated with your brand. Keep track of the new keywords you add to your listings and the search phrases they appear in and throw them in your ad campaigns as well.

Another feature I like is the “Minimum Number of Customer Reviews” tool under Conversion Recommendations. This tool shows you which products have less than 5 reviews. Amazon wants you to use this tool to enroll in their Early Reviewer Program (which I discuss below) but this is also a great tool to determine which product variations to combine by leveraging page views and positive reviews. For example, if you’re relatively new on Amazon and you have a lot of SKUs in the same product category (e.g., clothing brand) some SKUs might be getting really awesome product reviews while others are not. Make a list of all your SKUs, their reviews (positive and negative) and how many page views they have. If you have one SKU with a lot of page views and positive reviews, and another with a low number of page views and reviews – you might be able to combine the two variations under the same parent (combining reviews) to get more traffic to the lesser SKU. This can also help you determine which products you want to sell as a bundle or set! Vice versa if you have a SKU with a few critical reviews that are bringing the total number of positive reviews down to a parent page, it might be worth removing that SKU from the parent to keep the parent image and other SKUs in higher standing.

This tool also gives you the option to enroll in Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program which allows you to submit your product SKUs to be promoted by Amazon for review by a specific, pre-vetted reviewer. The program costs $60 per SKU. However, you aren’t charged until you get one review or one year has passed, whichever comes first. Another option is Amazon Vine which invites the most trusted reviewers on Amazon to post opinions about new products to help customers make informed purchase decisions. You provide free units of your products in order for Vine reviewers to post customer reviews. There is no guarantee with either of these features but if you have the resources it’s worth doing to get a leg up on your competitors. Reviews are money on Amazon.

Amazon Brand Dashboard is a convenient feature to look at a lot of different metrics in one place. Although Brand Dashboard isn’t available for non-US accounts, I try and apply the same methodology for improving traffic and conversion in my other markets. If you break it up into small sections and work on it a little bit every day, you’ll see some awesome returns in conversion rate, traffic, and revenue! 

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