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  • By Taylor Stalfort
  • November 23, 2019
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The fourth quarter is undoubtedly the biggest time of year on Amazon. Consumers are looking for anything and everything to spend their money on. In this post, I’ll discuss some strategies for navigating Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Amazon as well as the December shopping period. 

Black Friday is late this year. That’s not the best situation for retailers and consumers alike. The holiday shopping period this year is almost a week shorter than in recent years past. This condensed shopping period forces retailers to move higher per day volume to meet targets and consumers have less time to get all their shopping done. We expect to see a fairly average or slightly below average early to mid-November as consumers wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales to purchase nonessential or luxury items. Cyber Monday falls on December 2nd this year which will greatly skew monthly sales numbers in November and December. With Cyber Monday sales contributing to December sales, we expect to see higher than average sales in December to close out the year. 

A question I get asked a lot this time of year is “when do we need to ship inventory to Amazon FCs for BFCM?” The best answer is, the earlier, the better. We plan Q4 inventory in two rounds. The first round is for BFCM and should hit fulfillment centers by November 6th. The second is for the December holiday shopping period. This inventory should hit fulfillment centers in the last week of November or the first few days of December. Amazon’s cut off date for this is December 3rd. These cutoff dates may seem extreme but with an influx of billions of items to Amazon warehouses this time of year, receiving times are greatly increased. In other words, the time from which the carrier delivers your goods to the Amazon fulfillment center to the point which they are available for purchase is greatly increased. 

Another question is “what types of sales should I run for BFCM and the holidays?” This one can be tricky and answers usually vary depending on a number of factors. A major factor is competition and your price point compared to the competition. Inventory also plays a key factor here. Are you overstocked on certain products? Maybe consider these items as the focal point of your Q4 sales. We are happy to review your situation and make some recommendations. 

Navigating all of this along with your personal holiday commitments can certainly be a daunting task. It’s the busiest time of the year! We are here to help make selling on Amazon easy. Please contact us for more information or to chat about your Amazon goals and holiday plans.

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