Optimizing Amazon Storefronts

  • By Chelsea Gallant
  • February 5, 2020
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If your brand has a registered trademark you have the option to showcase your products on a storefront through Seller Central. Stores are composed of one or more pages. Each page has a header and footer surrounding a number of content tiles. The storefront can include photos, videos, words, and links to available products on Amazon.

Amazon offers three storefront templates and allows you to have full creative control of your page(s). Some examples of content tiles available are text tiles, image tiles, video tiles, product grids, best sellers, and more. There are many ways to build your store, each brand designs them differently. 

Each tile (image or words) should include a link to a product page with available inventory regarding the product mentioned. Your storefront should display updated and modern lifestyle photos to help the customer visualize using, wearing, or having your product.

The use of videos is highly encouraged. Videos including product use, brand focus, or reasons your products stand apart, tend to be more successful. I suggest 30-second to 2-minute videos to keep the customer’s attention.

Subpages can be used to separate your products by category. For example, if you sell water bottles, you can break the subpages into Baby, Kids, Adult, and Accessories. Doing this gives customers a chance to learn more about the specific products they are interested in.

Once your store is submitted and approved by Amazon’s content team, you can review the store insights. Using the metrics and traffic to see which pages have more impressions, conversions, etc, can help you continue to update your store at any time.

Making your storefront informative and appealing to the customer is the best way to optimize your brand exposure, sales, and account.

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