Amazon has a smorgasbord of brands. Some new, others more established. How can you get your products off of page 5 in the search results to the first thing searchers see? Enter Amazon advertising. As an Amazon seller, it is imperative that you advertise through Amazon’s platform in order to start driving significant traffic to your page. Below are three simple things we’ve seen that you can do to get started on the right foot
5 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales “Amazon is complex” might be the understatement of the century. If you are struggling to be successful in this behemoth of an online marketplace, just know that you are not alone. Thankfully, we’ve been through the struggle and back with expertise to share. The following are some actions you can take right now that will help boost your brand’s sales.  1. Switch to FBA Are you selling FBM
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Prime Day started in 2015 and fills a gap as a shopping holiday during the summer. It is often referred to as the “Black Friday” in the middle of July. Recently, Amazon announced the promotional period which will begin at midnight PT on Monday, July 15th and end at 11:59 PM PT on Tuesday, July 16th. This year there will be more than one million deals worldwide. Amazon hands out some general advice about being
Channel Op was started in 2015. My company has always had two main priorities, and those will never change: 1.     Provide a great work environment where our employees can thrive 2.     Deliver amazing results to our clients Even though the focus has not changed, the process and the tools continue to evolve. We continue to push to make a marketplace as complex as Amazon work for brands. We have hundreds of