How to Optimize your amazon listings

One of the most important tools an Amazon seller has at his disposal is the product detail page or listing. Once consumers find your page, they will have to be impressed with what they see to actually purchase your product. There are several factors that go into having a stand-out listing that will attract consumers. Here we’ll go over how you can optimize your product listings to strongly represent your business and increase sales.


One of the best ways to optimize your product listings is by integrating keywords into the text of your page. This is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Incorporating keywords into your listing will allow your product page to come up in relevant search results, driving more traffic to your page. Keywords can and should be added to your title, bullet points, and product descriptions. Amazon actually has its own powerful keyword tool- the search bar. The Amazon search bar uses auto-complete to identify popular keywords and phrases customers search for. This gives sellers insight into which words/phrases they should incorporate into their listings. To gain advanced keyword insights, sellers can also use software like Ahrefs or Google Analytics. When practicing SEO, you’ll want to ensure you don’t over-do it. Text that is too cluttered with keywords will be unappealing to readers. Your text should integrate the words and phrases while still having high readability.

Title & Bullet Points

Another important aspect of your product listing to optimize is the title and bullet points. The title of a product is one of the first things consumers will see while browsing and should accurately reflect what your product is. Having a title that is informative and clear is best. Bullet points are a great way for consumers to understand your product and to highlight the features. With bullet points, in addition to integrating keywords, sellers will want to emphasize the standout features of the product. Bullet points should not be too long; keep in mind that Amazon puts a 500-character limit on each bullet point. Amazon sellers are given up to five bullet points so you’ll want to take advantage of all of them. You’ll also want to make sure your bullet points have high readability and are grammatically correct so that consumers can easily understand them.

Product Description

Another way to optimize your product listing is to have a well-written and informative product description. The product description is the blurb of text towards the bottom of a listing that tells consumers everything they need to know about the product. The product description should not simply be used as a means of plugging in keywords but should provide useful information about the product and/or company. Having a sophisticated product description will make your listing look more professional and complete. The product description can be up to 2000 characters. This gives sellers ample opportunity to describe and promote their product. Product descriptions should not be used to advertise promotions or discounts but rather to showcase the quality of the product.

A+ Content

If you want to wow your consumers, a great way to optimize your listings is to showcase A+ content. A+ content on Amazon allows sellers to enhance their product descriptions with images and videos. With A+ content sellers can utilize high-quality videos and images within a product description to tell their brand story. You can include cool features like charts and measurement graphics to give customers extra detail about your product. A+ content gives consumers a better shopping experience and garners more attention for your listing, leading to increased sales/conversions. 

Product Category

When it comes to Amazon listings, sellers should ensure that their products are listed in the proper categories. There are various Amazon categories to choose from when creating your listing. These categories come up when customers are searching for products. Thus, it is crucial that your category accurately reflects your product so that your listing will appear in relevant searches. There are certain categories on the platform that require approval so make sure you apply if necessary for the right category for your product.  

Product Photography/Videos

Another way to optimize your product listings is to make sure your product photography is high quality and up to date. Pictures are one of the first things that will catch consumers’ attention when browsing products. Thus, it is vital that your pictures look professional and clear. With a product listing, the more photos you have the better. Amazon allows sellers to display seven images per listing, so you’ll want to take advantage of all of these. You can make your product photos stand out by including different angles, lifestyle pictures, and graphics overlaid with text. Having a variety of quality photos will catch customers’ attention and improve your sales. Amazon also allows sellers to post videos. Videos are a great way to showcase your products and give your listing that extra flare.


With product listings, you do not want your buyers to ever be confused or for it to be difficult for them to find your products. For this reason, it is important to have your listings organized. For instance, if you have multiple of the same product in different sizes or colors, these should all be part of the same listing and not separate product pages. Sellers can add different versions of the same product to one listing by creating parent and child listings. This will simplify things for your consumers and give them an overall better shopping experience.


A final way to optimize your Amazon listings is to ensure that you have high ratings and positive reviews/comments. A product rating on Amazon of 1 to 5 stars is often the first thing customers will see when browsing a product. The platform even has a filter for star ratings allowing customers to only view products with a specific rating. This rating system on Amazon has become a huge indicator of whether or not consumers will purchase a product. The majority of Amazon shoppers take reviews into account to at least some extent when shopping. According to Statista, 13% of shoppers fully trust reviews, while 55% of shoppers at least somewhat trust them. This gives reviews a decent amount of weight on the platform. Thus, an easy way for sellers to optimize their listings is to get as many positive reviews as possible and overall increase the product rating. To get positive reviews, you should accurately advertise your product, have efficient and quality shipping, and quickly respond to customer concerns and questions. Staying active on the platform and responding to reviews will make your brand appear devoted to its consumers and transparent. Make sure to look out for customers who have given specifically poor ratings/reviews and figure out why. Many times if a brand offers to reimburse an unhappy customer or replace his product, the consumer will change his rating/review.


All in all, there are many options for sellers who are looking to optimize their Amazon listings. The more optimized listings you have, the more impressive your brand will appear on the platform. Having professional, organized, and attractive listings is the best way to advertise your brand and products. A high-quality listing speaks for itself. Now you have everything you need to optimize your listings and level-up your brand, good luck!