employee Spotlight 🔦



I’ve been working for Channel Op for one year and ten months; it’s been a rollercoaster ride. 

My role at Channel Op is an assistant brand manager. My role is to help manage the clients and keep tabs on the accounts. We check Amazon listings for errors and ensure all images and videos are uploaded properly. We keep a close eye on the listings and call Amazon customer service if necessary. 


My work environment is great because I work remotely and I love being able to work from home. I live with my father; he’s a senior citizen. I love being home because it means I can be there to take care of him. In the Philippines, it’s common for multiple generations to live together and it’s important that I stay with him. Plus I love not having to commute to work in the Philippines traffic. 


The thing I like most about working for Channel Op is that the people here are super accommodating, even if they’re your higher-ups. I remember when I was a newbie, I was too shy to ask for any help. But since then, my team leader has been so accommodating that I’ve learned to ask for help and have gotten to know others through the process. 

I feel that my role is very collaborative, and it’s really a great experience for me. It’s the first time in my professional life that I’m able to speak my mind in meetings and in general. Channel Op has a very supportive environment and fosters creativity and new ideas. My position is challenging but definitely fulfilling. 


I motivate myself at work by drinking coffee throughout the day (I’m really into coffee) and by scheduling my day. I like to organize my tasks and list what the priorities are for the day. 


One accomplishment I am proud of is my growth in general. I have this brand manager that I’ve been with for almost a year. She’s always been supportive and ready to hear my ideas. Knowing that my ideas are getting heard is really fulfilling. There was a specific instance I remember where I had the idea for a project. I was just imagining it and then it was being created. To put forth an idea and then have it become a reality- that’s one of the greatest things about working here.


Something I’ve learned here that has stuck with me is that not everyone who is in a higher position than you is unreachable. I came from a previous work experience where I didn’t have open communication with my supervisors and didn’t feel like I can reach out. Then here at Channel Op, I came and realized I can speak with Tyler and share my ideas with the higher-ups. Here you feel like you’re a part of the family, and it’s one of my favorite things about working here, to be able to speak without hesitation and feel confident in doing so.  


When I’m not working, I like to listen to True Crime podcasts and watch documentaries. I’m fascinated by how the human mind works, and you get a sense of that with these crime stories. 


Something people don’t know about me is that I’m an only child.


My motto or personal mantra is that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. I think that after a season of hard work and obstacles, there is always something good to come out of it. To get through a difficult work situation, I motivate myself by thinking that after getting through it I’ll be wiser and know more, and have access to greater things.


I would describe my personality as probably an ambivert. I can be very social and love people but I have to be in the right mood. I also value my alone time and enjoy being alone. It really depends on the day. Working remotely helps me out because it allows me to recharge and then give my all when I do interact with people. 


I definitely have grown professionally here at Channel Op. In my previous work experiences, I was just a simple employee completing tasks. But now that I can have discourse with brand managers, clients, and co-workers, I’ve really developed my communication and leadership skills. Recently we have had some new hires that have become a part of the team and I was able to help them and direct them. I didn’t think much of it until I heard how appreciative they were that I helped them. It was really heartwarming. 


A question I have for Tyler is where did he get the courage and drive to follow his dreams? We are always told to keep our dreams in mind, but you don’t really see people actually going after them too often. 

Tyler is amazing and loves telling stories; he inspires people. He was able to make his dream come true, and for me to have the chance to know him as a person makes me grateful. Even though we’re all hard-working people at the office, it’s not so common that you see people chasing their dreams.


Looking back at my career, I really could not have imagined ending up here. I think most of my co-workers know this. When I was just applying for jobs, it was during the pandemic. It was really hard to continue to work. That’s why I parted ways with my previous employer and company; they needed me to travel. When I was losing hope of finding a work-from-home job, I saw a post about a position at Channel Op and secured an interview with Tyler. I just did my best and was grateful for the opportunity even if I didn’t get the job. Tyler and I bonded in the interview over True Crime (he wanted to be in the FBI before starting Channel Op).

I was totally overwhelmed when I got the job; I was so happy. It was the perfect opportunity and I really wanted to be on the Channel Op team. Everyone is friendly and helps each other here. When you’ve come from a toxic professional environment, and then you see Channel Op, you are shocked. Everything happens for a reason; I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t meant to be here. And for your teammates to be appreciated, it’s really fulfilling. I’m really thankful for what I have now.

Vanessa is based in the Philippines and is an optimistic, driven, and humble team member. She earned the title of Employee of the Year for 2022. Vanessa is a joy and asset to the Channel Op team.