employee Spotlight 🔦

Angelo Dueñas

I’ve been working for Channel Op for almost 5 years now. It will be 5 years in October. When I got the job it was like a birthday gift for me because I was looking for a job and 10 days after my birthday, I landed here.


I started at Channel Op as an Operations Associate. I got promoted over the years and am currently a Senior Program Manager. I manage the Assistant Brand Managers and help them ensure their accounts are running smoothly, and that any issues are getting fixed. I ensure everything is getting done within the different departments here at Channel Op. And as a Senior Program Manager, I deliver that feedback back to the brand managers, who directly interact with the clients.


My work environment has changed since the onset of the pandemic. Before Covid hit I worked in an office. After the pandemic I began working remotely. Now we all try to meet with each other face-to-face in an office at least once a month. Meeting in person helps with communication and allows us to make sure everyone is updated.

Some things I like about my work environment are how the leaders manage everyone. Our leaders prioritize making sure everyone is happy and providing opportunities for growth. One thing I really like is that no one is toxic here. Tyler is generous and tries to give us whatever we need to grow and succeed. The leaders here ensure all employees have a voice and get to share their ideas. Even new hires are asked for creative input.

The thing I like most about working for Channel Op is the people. They always promote teamwork. There is a culture of resolving issues rather than chastising the employees. The leadership tries to help each individual perform better. Here we don’t want anyone to feel alone or feel like a failure. The leadership wants everyone to feel comfortable; there is great communication in the company. Communication is especially encouraged between employees and supervisors. I also like the workload at Channel Op. They give you the right amount of work for your day and do not try to overload you.


I motivate myself at work by finding motivational quotes on Google and sharing them with the team. Especially if there’s a long weekend and everyone is just getting back from being off. I try to share the motivational quotes to get everyone in the right mindset for the week.

Another thing that motivates me is the desire to give back to the company. Here in the Philippines, when the pandemic hit the majority of workers lost their jobs. But even though Channel Op lost some big clients during that time, Tyler kept us on board. So I am grateful and motivated to give back in that way.

One accomplishment I am proud of is I asked leadership if the assistant brand managers could be more involved with the tasks they were being assigned. I wanted the brand managers to be more engaged with the accounts and know the value of the task so it would have more meaning to them.

Something I’ve learned here that has stuck with me is our golden rule which is: It’s better to ask rather than assume. Assuming is risky and can cause greater failure. A lot of mistakes can be avoided by simply asking.

When I’m not working I like to hike. There are 9 mountains in the Philippines I’ve tried to hike. With Covid regulations, I’m not able to hike right now. So now I like to read books, watch movies, and hone my Amazon and e-commerce skills.

Something people don’t know about me is that I’m an introvert. I used to have a lot of anxiety and stress during meetings. But I’ve learned to adapt and have gained confidence. I now lead meetings and presentations pretty comfortably and enjoy doing that with Tyler and the other leaders. 


My motto or personal mantra is similar to our golden rule- It’s better to be a fool for a minute when asking, than to be a fool for your whole life.

I would describe my personality as an ambivert, somewhere between an introvert and extrovert. I do enjoy the company of others but also like to have time to myself.

I definitely have grown professionally here at Channel Op. I learned a lot about Amazon and gained leadership skills. Now I can lead groups of people, brainstorm with Tyler, and apply what I’ve learned.

A question I have for Tyler is how do I be him? Tyler told us the story of how he started Channel Op and had the desire and motivation to build something from scratch. I would love to be able to think like him and have that drive.

Angelo lives in the Philippines and is able to work through the night to be available during the American (MST) time zone. He is a devoted and humble employee. Channel Op is lucky to have him.