channel op interview with mJ's Herbals

We interviewed one of our loyal clients, MJ from MJ’s Herbals, to get her take on working with Channel Op, growing her business, and reaching her professional goals.

Please describe your company and what you sell.

My company, MJ’s Herbals®, is a line of herbal-infused skincare balms and oils. We have customers all over the world that rely on us for their skin care needs and we take that commitment to heart. We handcraft our products ourselves in our Brooklyn Studio, overseeing every step of the process. We have partnered with ethical, local beekeepers and organic farmers for decades for our fresh, pristine, vibrant ingredients.

how did you get started in your business?

As a community herbalist, I wanted to alchemize the healing properties of herbs into healing skincare to address the needs I was seeing. The products I saw on the shelves at that time were mostly water, preservatives, and fillers with very few active ingredients.


It took two years of formulating and testing to come up with our simple, portable, herbal-infused oils. My salves have only 3 to 4 ingredients in them – organic herbs, organic oils, fresh beeswax, and essential oils in some varieties. In the extensive testing process, I found the perfect ratios for effectiveness, absorption, and luxurious skin feel.

are the products you sell of any special importance to you?

Very much so. As a community herbalist, my skincare salves were born out of a desire to ease the suffering and painful conditions of my clients. So many people came to me for help. I started to formulate what is now MJ’s Herbals® out of true need. It adds to the meaning and purpose of my life that customers tell me how much my products have helped them.

what made you decide to start selling online and on amazon?

I love my indie shops but I realized I needed an online presence  for the growth of my business. MJ’s Herbals® needed to grow and reach more people and I needed to make enough profit to help support my family. Sales increased to 5 times our usual numbers in one day on Amazon.

what is your motto or personal montra?

I have a few:

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Give what you want to receive.

Do no harm, take no sh*t.

how long have you been working with Channel Op?

We started in January 2020.

what services does channel op provide for your business?

Channel Op makes sure our listings stay active; they take care of all manner of technical difficulties. They optimize our product listings and search terms, create advertising campaigns, and more.

what would you say your goals were in getting into business with channel op?

The Amazon Marketplace has been great for MJ’s Herbals® but it can be quite complicated to navigate and keep up with its changing requirements. It is really a full-time job. We needed to find a team to take care of it so we could concentrate on making our products.

What were you looking to improve?

We needed to optimize our product listings, come up with A+ content, improve our search terms, keep our listings active, and stay current with ads.

what changes in growth have you seen in your business since working with channel op?

We have seen good growth and continue to thrive.

were your goals met since you've begun working together?

Yes, Channel OP works diligently on our growth.

what is an accomplishment in your business that you are proud of?

I am proud of how we have been able to survive and thrive during the pandemic, with all of the supply chain issues and lockdowns and other pandemic-related challenges. It has been incredibly uplifting to see how loyal our customers are. There were a few times during the pandemic that we had a delay in getting our salves out to our customers and they were incredibly supportive and patient.

how would you describe the relationship you have with channel op?

We have very good rapport and communication and we work well as a team to manage my brand. They understand what our brand is about and they are always improving and innovating.  

how would you describe the channel op team?

The team is incredibly talented and generous with their time, expertise, and knowledge.

what do you like most about working with channel op?

I know I can reach out and get help when I need it. My brand manager Lauren is one of the best individuals I have ever worked with. She has quickly become indispensable.


I find the whole team to be excellent. The advertising team made us an ad for our Tattoo Aftercare Balm that was so spot on, exactly what I wanted and worded perfectly. They really get what my brand is all about. I literally screamed and jumped up and down when I saw the ad for the first time.

is there anything you learned while in business with channel op that has stuck with you?

I have a better understanding of how to work with Amazon.

do you plan to continue working with channel op in the future?


what do you like to do when you're not working?

My family and my culture are most important to me. Spending time with my husband, son, parents, in-laws, nieces, sister, and our extended families uplifts me and feeds my soul.


I love to cook big Sicilian dinners for the family and our friends. It is so important to create connection and community. A must for me is spending time in my garden to recharge. I also need to get out into the wilderness at nature retreats to connect to the plant world. It is the heart, soul, and spirit of what I do and who I am.

what question do you have for tyler if you could ask him anything?

I am always interested to hear how other people balance their thriving business with family life.

looking back at your business, did you ever think you would end up here?

I did not, but I’m glad I did!