5 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales

  • By Kim Lynch
  • August 15, 2019
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5 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales

“Amazon is complex” might be the understatement of the century. If you are struggling to be successful in this behemoth of an online marketplace, just know that you are not alone. Thankfully, we’ve been through the struggle and back with expertise to share. The following are some actions you can take right now that will help boost your brand’s sales. 

1. Switch to FBA

Are you selling FBM and fulfilling each customer order? Switch your products to Fulfilled by Amazon as one of the first steps towards boosting sales. FBA comes with the “Prime” badge, preferable for a couple of reasons; 

#1: Free 2-Day Shipping for Prime Members (over 50% of US households)

#2: Customers trust the Amazon brand. We’ve all ordered a non-Prime item. It arrived broken and you couldn’t get a hold of the company for a replacement. . . . Customers associate the Prime badge with reliability and incredible customer service.

2. Add Keywords to Your Title 

Think of your titles as having rank-boosting potential. Add highly searched keywords to your title to increase your product’s rank. If you’re not familiar, “rank” refers to where your product shows up during a customer search. We’re always shooting for page one and a keyword-heavy title will get you that much closer. 

3. Reviews

You will not succeed on Amazon if you don’t have reviews. Now, this becomes a bit of a chicken-and-the-egg scenario as you need reviews to get sales and vice versa. At first, you need to actively seek out reviews. That being said, be careful as Amazon has a very strict review policy. Once you’ve read the fine print, here are a few methods;

#1: Send a post-purchase email to your customers. 

#2: Include a pamphlet with your product that asks for reviews. 

#3: Get help from followers via social media or an email blast 

4. Create Sponsored Ad campaigns

So, your sales are slowly increasing but you haven’t quite landed on page one? Never fear. You can turn to Sponsored Ads. This advertising option allows you to mimic real listings that show up during a customer’s search and boost your product to the top of the page regardless of rank. These ads are bang-for-your-buck the most efficient ad campaign on Amazon.

5. Register Your Brand

Amazon has a program called “Brand Registry” that is accessible to any brand with an active trademark. This program can increase conversions by giving you access to;

#1: More content on your product pages; EBC and video options. 

#2: Stores page; A mini-website within Amazon where you can show off your products, imagery, and videos all in one place. 

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